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Sunday Capsule: If aren’t feeling comfortable being physical, try these remedies

Select any small town of North India. There is no wall left where it is not written, how to deal with masculinity. No street-nook has been left. It seems like as if the whole city is affected by the problem of premature ejaculation. When there is sexual disorder of men, there is no shame in it. Kakim-em-juber (हाकिम-एम्-जुबेर) boards are installed on every corner of roads. Where they suggest ways to deal with premature ejaculation. Ways to Handle such erectile dysfunction. But when it comes about women, then there their is pin drop silence.All quietly Because woman are sex! Don’t suits together #Taboo.

But if we do not speak openly about something, it does not mean that they do not exist in the world. Just like a condition. Which is called ‘sex disfunction’ in English Understanding simple words, having difficulty in sex. It is believed that these problems occur in men. Called ‘male sexual disfunction’.

In women it is called ‘female sexual disfunction’. According to a survey, 40 percent of women around the world have been victims of this problem once in their lifetime. But because they do not know what has happened to them, so they remain silent. Keeps on tolerating that pain. When she do not know about the problem . Then how she will get herself to the treatment.

So what is ‘female sexual disfunction’?

According to Dr Anuradha Kapoor and Dr Lavlina Nadir. They are gynecologist in Max Delhi and Fortis Mumbai. they told us:

“One thing is sexual response bicycle. Which took place , during sex, if your partner is trying to provoke you, but you are not getting yourself interested in having sex by any means possible. Your partner is trying hard but you are unable to response. This is female sexual disfunction”. This can happen to any woman.

What are the symptoms?

1.No interest in the stock

2.Not even during the Sx

3.Pain in the stock


5.Not enough moisture in the wax during stains

There are several other reasons as well for this:

1.heart disease


3.Upheaval in the hormone

However, these reasons are justified for women who have either crossed 40 or they are going to be menopause.

Have a conservative view of towards sex. It is biggest issue in women’s life. Because girls are taught from childhood that sex is a filthy thing. Even after growing up, her attitude regarding sex doesn’t change. During sex they dominate their mind that they should not enjoy sex.

How to know if you have female sex disfunction:

You are required to visit a gynaecologist for this. They will check your pendo. You will be seen whether there is any infection with urination, or sexual intercourse. Due to some infections such as gonorrhoea, herpes, chlamydia, you will also have pain in getting sex. Once it becomes clearer that there is no problem with it then it’s goes ahead.

Is treatment possible?

It depends on why you have this disease. It means the reason for every woman can be different. Therefore its treatment is also different. If there is a heart disease, diabetes, or someone else, then there are medicines for them. Along with the change in lifestyle, there is also the effect. If the reason is mental, especially if you are unable to enjoy sex due to an accident, then you should go to the psychologist. There you will be your therapy.

How to talk to your partner about it?

At the top, do not start with blaming..!!
Female sexual dysfunction has not happened because of you or your partner’s fault. Talk freely to your partner. Tell him what problems you are facing. With this, also tell that you are thinking of consulting doctors. If he wants to company you then allow him to come with you.

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