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Pune School Orders Girls To Wear Specific Colour Underwear

Education in India has always carried an essence of the cultural conditioning and private schools play the pacifier profoundly. Pune’s Maeer’s MIT School has come with a quite sophisticated rule where they have asked the girl students to wear specific colored innerwear.

The school authority has even specified the length of the skirt to be worn by the girl students. The school has restricted students from using the washroom other than the specified time.

The girls are asked to wear either white or skin color innerwear. They have all these things in the school diary and have asked us to sign it” a parent said.

When asked, Suchitra Karad Nagare, Executive director of MIT Group of Institute said the intention behind taking such steps were ‘very pure. And was not to trouble the parents and the students.

“We had some experience in the past that made us take this decision. We did not have any hidden agenda” Nagre said
However, parents have not taken this for granted and students and parents staged a protest against the
‘school’s dikkat’

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