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“PM Modi is the business manager of Ambani and Adani” – Navjot Singh Sidhu

navjot singh sidhu in Indore
PM Modi is the business manager of Ambani and Adani – Navjot Singh Sidhu

Punjab cabinet minister and Congress spokesperson Navjot Singh Sidhu launched a scathing attack on PM Modi and called him ‘Liar in Chief’, Divider in Chief’ and ‘Business manager of Ambani and Adani’.

Sidhu while addressing a rally in Indore called PM Modi a newly married bride who makes fewer chapatis and makes more noise to make everyone notice her that she is making chapatis. Further, he used an adjective ‘Kale Angrez’ for Modi and urged public at his rally to throw BJP out of power.

Cricketer turned poitician Sidhu reiterated Rahul Gandhi’s challenge to PM Modi to have an open debate on issues like GST, Black Money and Jobs.

“Congress is a party of Maulana Azad and Mahatma Gandhi who fought from Britishers for our Independence and now the people of Indore will have to fight with these ‘Kale Angrez’ and make our country independent again,” Navjot Singh Sidhu said during the rally in Indore.

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