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Instrumental AADAT song unwraps its creator: Have a look

Goher Mumtaz, the man behind the songs Woh Lamhe and Aadat, makes his comeback, though a Pakistan based music series “Nescafe basement”.Aadat was the song in Goher Mumtaz’s career, which gave him the confidence to pursue his dream of becoming a musician. The way he and Xulfi (creator Nescafe basement), had created the instrumental version of Aadat is just commendable and out of the box.

The beautiful track starts with an acoustic guitar played by Sulyaeman Khan, to build up the momentum of this song. Then piano joins and slowly other instruments like an electric guitar, classical guitar, bass, guitars, mandolin, sitar, saxophone, synth, piano, violin, flute, rabab, sarangi, percussions, and drums, start to accompany the acoustic power. The entanglement of all these instruments creates a vibe of the song which is completely irresistible and creates the magic of the song ‘Aadat’, in the best possible way. When we hear the song, and we are in a state of not getting enough of it, then at six minutes and ten seconds, Goher Mumtaz makes his entry as a surprise, with vocals and ultimately steals the show, making us remind that the lion is still a lion. At last, he comes to the tagline of”Har Jagah Hai Jal”, which signifies that the famous band “The Jal”, has still the power to rule the hearts all over the world.

Ironically, people remember the name of Atif Aslam, who sings ‘Woh Lamhe’ and ‘Aadat’ prominently, but they have forgotten the man, who originally gave birth to the respective songs, whose name is Goher Mumtaz. If in the early stages, Atif Aslam, got popularity, then it’s only because of Goher Mumtaz. The underrated artist is known for his exceptionally aesthetic guitar skills, due to which he became the first brand ambassador of Gibson Guitar Corporation in the sub-continent and altered the way we see pop music in the sub-continent.

As far as the formation of Jal is concerned, it was created by Atif Aslam & Goher Mumtaz, and then they released their first song Aadat on internet, which eventually gained success in radio and television world. The band was named ‘Jal’(water in Urdu), after the success of Adat and the band getting concert related questions from everywhere. Due to differences, Atif Aslam got separated from Jal and used its songs to get success, which indirectly impacted the main man who wrote and composed the songs for Jal Band.

The love that Goher Mumtaz received from India (in youtube comments), shows that his talent is beyond the boundaries between India and Pakistan. Apart from all that, the current instrumental cover of Aadat has already made such an impact on the minds of people, that it will be a challenge for them to forget it.

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