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Humanity wound occurs once again, a 3-year old Twinkle raped and killed in Aligarh

By Line: Shivendra Pandey

Recently a heart-wrenching incident had occurred in Aligarh district of Uttar Pradesh, where an innocent three-year-old girl named twinkle Sharma had been raped and killed by a man named Zahid because her family was unable to return back the loan of ten thousand rupees which they took from him. Zahid made Twinkle feel suffocated with the help of a dupatta, and after killing her, he hid his body in a bag in his house, and eventually, after three days when the bag started to smell loathsome, he threw the body in the garbage. The body was recovered in a very bad condition with her eyes popped out.

A heated argument took place between Zahid and twinkle’s family, over the loan of rupees ten thousand, before the day Twinkle was missing from the village. She was missing since 29th May and her body was retrieved by the police on 2nd June. Zahid had attracted her using biscuits, as revealed by interrogation. Zahid and his friend had been arrested by the Aligarh police on Tuesday. The after effects of this inhumane act were that the villagers stood outside the Tappal police station and expressed their want of a new station-in-charge, in the manner of rage and the shops there remained closed for about two hours.

In addition to this, people aggressively, protested against the crime, with the idea of a hunger strike. They sat in front of Punjab National Bank on the Aligarh-Palwal route, for getting justice for the innocent. Apart from it, several sources have revealed that acid was poured on her body, her hands were chopped, and her face was partially burnt and mutilated bleakly. It is very shameful that people are using the old photographs of celebrities holding cards to express their rage on twitter, rather than protesting in an organic way. The video footage of her mother crying of her irreparable loss shows us the intensity of scar on the face humanity, scratched by humans itself, just on the question of materialistic aspect termed as”money”.

Post after the #Twinkle rape case has stormed the internet, Bollywood celebrities and politicians has started to show their support on social networking sites. Have a look:

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