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How deep this corona virus is affecting your emotional state of mind ?

By Shivangi Chawla

How deep this corona virus is affecting your emotional state of mind ? Corona virus has became a huge obstacle in the lives of people. As they are not able to pursue and fulfil their dreams for now , almost all of us may have plans for 2020 to travel abroad and go on a vacay or to start a new career. But corona virus has set some limitations . We can’t move out freely , we can’t meet everyone at once, international travels are banned for sometime and many more . Many people even lost their jobs this leads to financial crisis and many are not even getting their neccesary essentials. These prevailing situations had a bad impact on the emotional state of people. Men are going in depression as they are not able to fulfil the need of their families because of unemployment, women are more tend to feel depressed as they still have to stay in their home , make food and manage the household work without any househelp . Children have lost their energies and enthusiam as they are not allowed to meet their friends or go to school. Several recent studies have shed some light on how the brain has incorporated the threat of Covid-19 while we sleep. A study of over 3,000 adults found that among those who had been strongly affected by the pandemic, such as those who had gotten sick or lost their job, women reported the strongest effects. In another study with 796 Italian participants, women reported a more negative emotional tone in their dreams. One should remain positive and do some meditation and yoga to prevent them from depression and negative effects.

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