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Happy Eid al-Adhah: Bollywood celebs wishes their fans

eid mubarak
Happy Eid al-Adhah: Bollywood celebs wishes their fans

Eid Al-Adhah marks the auspicious day which comes on the 10 or 12 in the month of Dhul Hijjah. This day is honoured as a sacrifice of Ibrahim, a messenger who was willing to sacrifice his son. God provided him with a lamb to sacrifice instead of this son that is why every year lamb is killed as offering to god by the Muslims.

Bollywood celebs are spreading love and wishes to their fans on social media. Priyanka Chopra, Shahid Kapoor, Shraddha Kapoor and many others have wished their fans on twitter lets check it out.
Priyanka Chopra tweets may the spirit of Eid bring love, joy and peace around the world.

Kabir Singh lead actor Shahid Kapoor tweets Eid Mubarak Chand Mubarak.
Shraddha Kapoor tweeted Lets always do our best to spread love, peace and understanding. Now let’s see how the Khans of Bollywood have planned for the celebration this year. Sharukh Khan was seen wishing the fans outside Mannat with his son Ibrahim. He will host a party at his mansion where the media is invited for Dawat.

Salman khan, unlike each year, has organised a lunch at his Galaxy apartment in Bandra, Bollywood celebs are invited for the lunch party.
Aamir Khan as we all know is not a party person. He is going to celebrate with his family and mother at her Bandra residence.

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