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Government’s proposal of “New Education Policy” has gone really funny among the youth especially, proves the ocean of memes on social media

By Vinayak

In the amidst of rising Coronavirus cases and economic depression we got a new topic to discuss I.e “New Education Policy 2020”.On Wednesday The Government of India unveiled the new Education Policy (NEP) which changes the landscape in Indian Education System after 34 years starting from School to College level. India’s current schooling structure of 10+2 has now changed into 5+3+3+4. The education sector will get 6℅ of India’s total GDP in the coming years.

The New Education Policy will now allow students to choose majors and minor disciplines regardless of the subject combinations that have existed until now. A student pursuing graduation can now pursue chemistry as major and music as minor or animation as major and physics as minor.

No more mugging up the subject and answering it in school examination as for the school education government has decided to include vocational training where students during the school education itself will be given a chance to intern.

No more Dropouts. Under the NEP, an undergraduate degree will be either of 3 or 4 years depending upon the students. The college will provide a certificate after completing 1 year in a discipline or vocational courses, a diploma after 2 years, a graduation degree after three years, and a graduation degree with research after 4 years.

When the announcement became public # New Education policy dominated trends on Twitter. People have tried to give their reactions through memes.

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