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No Fear No Favour

Divya Khosla Kumar responds to Sonu Nigam’s remark says “Gulshan Ji made you star otherwise you were nothing!”

Divya Khosla Kumar, wife of T-series owner Bhushan Kumar, has once again hit back at Sonu Nigam. Releasing a video on Instagram, she responded to the allegations of Sonu Nigam which he had made in the past. Divya said that she, her husband and her son are getting death threats.

Divya Khosla Kumar is seen saying in this video that after Gulshan Kumar’s death, Bhushan Kumar sought help from Sonu Nigam. At that time, Bhushan was quite young but Sonu had a tie-up with another company instead of helping him. Divya asks Sonu if he has a relationship with Abu Salem?

Divya said that Sonu Nigam has not given a chance to any singer other than himself till date. But today 97 percent of the people working in T-series are outsiders. Sonu Nigam used to sing in Ramlila in Delhi for 5 rupees while Gulshan Kumar recognized his talent and gave him a chance. Sonu Nigam had joined another company after the murder of Gulshan Kumar. Then Bhushan Kumar was 18 years old and had sought help from Sonu Nigam and today he is expressing his gratitude through this video.

Divya further said that Sonu Nigam had said in his video that a girl had accused Bhushan Kumar through #MeToo. #MeToo was a very great movement but many people took advantage of it wrongly. Many more such allegations were made against us at that time, but we took the help of the police. Many girls believed that they had done so at the behest of someone else. Today Sonu Nigam is also trying to take advantage of this.

Divya said that after the video of Sonu Nigam came out in public domain, many girls have started blackmailing us again. They are saying either give us work and money or else we will accuse you. You are trying to finish the T-series by mixing other actors with you. Your wife had herself accused you. Divya said that my husband and son are being threatened with death.

Divya Said all this via her Instagram IGTV video. Watch Video:

What was Sonu Nigam’s remark?

Sonu Nigam had said, ‘Bhushan Kumar, now I have to take your name, I did not want to take it first and now you are worth’ you ‘. You have screwed with the wrong man. You forgot that time when you used to come to my house and say ‘Bhai do my album, Bhai Deewana Kar Do, Bhai introduce me to Sahara Shri, introduce me to Smita Thackeray, introduce me to Bhai Bal Thackeray, Bhai save me from Abu Salem, remember? Brother, Abu Salem is abusing me. Do you remember all these things or not? I am telling you now do not mess with me in future otherwise I’ll expose every inch of your secret. ‘

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