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Did you know where state government installed CCTVs at farmers protest?

Byline by- Nitisha Nagpal

Today marks the 20th day of the protest. The farmers can be seen camping at Delhi’s Singhu, Tikri and Ghazipur border. Recently, they also apologised to everyone with folded hands for the inconvenience of caused any. Numerous meetings and discussions but solution is not at sight yet. The issue is to resolve their problems but looks like with each passing day, they are facing a new difficulty. More and more people are expected to join the ongoing agitation.

A burning question is that did the instalment of CCTV’s especially where female protesters are taking a pause and resting is this even necessary?

Adding the fuel to the already burning flames, Delhi government installed CCTV cameras at the sight of women’s peaceful protest hindering there privacy and violating their constitutional rights. The National Commission of Women launched a petition for the elimination of the cameras which stated firstly, the cameras should not exist near the female protestors sleeping spot and if the government wishes to install them, it should not collect any personal information.

According to the Central government the farmers are being misguided and mislead. The farmers rejected a plea a week ago which suggested alterations to the amendments. Let’s see how far this matter goes and does centre have an appropriate solution. Follow us for more details.

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