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No Fear No Favour

Devotees visit to offer prayers after reopening of religious places amid covid outbreak, read to know the updates

By Tarini Khosla

As per ministry of Home Affairs,in Phase 1 of Unlock 1.0, several places were to reopen inclusive of religious places, hotels, restaurants and other hospitality service from June 8, 2020. The order mentioned several precautionary guidelines to adhere to for the prevention of Covid-19 such as social distancing but the fear to go outside is still intact in public. Knowing the fact that still no vaccination is available for coronavirus, air of tension is still existing among people to how to normalise their life back again. Let’s see if people are adhering to the precautionary measure of social distancing.

Bangla sahib, New Delhi

As you can see, there’s hardly any person in the Gurudwara. There was a time when this place used to be jam packed with devotees from many different places and there’s this, a totally contradictory situation.

Shirdi, Maharashtra

One of the famous Temple in India, Shirdi Sai baba, is too witnessing no rush, no crowd. Seems like people are adhering to the rule of  social distancing.

Somnath Temple, Gujarat

Minimum of 4-5 people could be seen in Somnath temple, but still. They are following social distancing and workers are also on duty to keep an eye on every one and make sure that people are adhering to the rules.

 Siddhivinayak Temple

While Priests in Siddhivinayak Temple could be seen following the norms, devotees visiting the temple seem to be careless about Social distancing and other precautionary measures.

Tirumala Temple

In Tirumala temple hardly any distance is maintained between devotees and they are wandering carelessly. Even, there is no police to keep a check if precautionary guidelines are being followed or not.

 Laxminarayan Temple, New Delhi

As the picture speaks, there’s only single person in the temple and that only person is also the cleaner of the place and zero number of devotees. After witnessing the rapid rise in the number of covid infected cases, people have fear in them of getting contracted of the virus and as a precautionary measure, are not moving out of their houses even after few public places have been reopened as regulated in the phase 1of Unlock 1.0.

Jama Masjid, Delhi

As it is clearly visible, the number of devotees is quite more than other religious places but still while everyone could be seen offering prayers while adhering to the precautionary measure of prevention from coronavirus.

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