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Breaking standards, the groom gifts 100 books as ‘Mahr’

A newly-married Muslim couple in Kerela is winning hearts on social media after the bride made an unusual request, and the groom happily completed.

The young bride, Ajna Nizam, defied convention and demanded books as a ‘mahr’, a tradition in which the bride usually receive a gift like money, jewellery etc., from the husband’s family. In this ritual, the bride can ask for a gift for which the groom cannot refuse.

Ajna Nizam demanded 80 books when she was engaged to Ijas Hakkim in October. The groom added 20 books and presented the gift to Ajna.

This collection included the Bible, Quran and the Constitution of India.

On being asked the reason Ajna said she wanted to know how supportive the groom’s family will be. This is one of the examples that the Indian Society is changing

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