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Bihar: State government takes charge of preventing unwanted pregnancies

Bihar health department has taken a new initiative by distributing condoms to the migrants who are leaving from 14 days quarantine and heading towards their homes.

According to the survey, almost 30 lakh migrants have returned to their homes. which counted 11.5 crore people in a door-to-door survey during lockdown.

Dr Utpal Das, doctor with Bihar State Health Society monitoring the initiative said, “It is purely an idea of family planning department. As lakhs of people have returned home, distribution of contraceptives among them is a very important initiative in a bid to control state population. We have been taking support of our health partner Care India to implement the initiative”.

Health coordinator are distributing 2 packets of condom to the migrants going from quarantine centers, and ASHA works have been conducting this distribution in with their door-to-door survey on people with home quarantine, also in some districts the supervisors have given contraceptives as well.

This drive has been intensively conducted by
The family planning department. Das said the initiative would continue till mid-June as there are around 13 lakh migrants still in quarantine centres.

Amit Kumar, family planning coordinator with Care India, said: “It is easy to distribute contraceptives during door-to-door health inspection. Those who have not got it from quarantine centres will get them at home”.

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