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Big Breaking: Rahul Gandhi challenged Narendra Modi to have a debate on corruption

By Line: Shivendra Pandey

Rahul gandhi vs narendra modi
Rahul Gandhi challenged modi to debate with him on corruption

New Delhi: Congress president Rahul gandhi posted a video of PM Modi on Twitter and accused him for criticizing a journalist for asking a question about Rafale fighter jet deal in his interview. And Conveyed a message that “Modi government can run but can’t hide”.

“You can run, Mr Modi, but you can’t hide. Your karma is about to catch up with you. The country can hear it in your voice. Truth is a powerful thing. I challenge you to a debate on corruption,” the caption was posted along with the video of the Prime Minister’s interview on ABP News read.

In the video, the interviewer Rubika Liyaquat is seen asking PM Modi that opposition has accused you of helping Anil Ambani in cracking Rafale deal and by doing this you have indirectly credited sum of Rs 30,000 thousand into Anil Ambani’s pocket.

“Don’t you trust even the Supreme Court?” the Prime Minister asked the journalist on her question to him. “What can be more unfortunate than ABP News not trusting the Supreme Court? Don’t you trust the Comptroller and Auditor General? Don’t you trust the France government? You don’t believe anything that the Indian government has said in Parliament? You are so biased.”

The Congress and other opposition parties are accusing the Narendra Modi government for reworking a UPA-era deal to buy 36 Rafale fighter aircraft from France’s Dassault Aviation at a higher price and awarded a contract of RS 30,000-crore to industrialist Anil Ambani’s Reliance Defense in spite of several other stakeholders who are advising against it. Whereas all the allegations have been denied by the center, Reliance and the French government, the Congress has promised the public that they will look into the case for an investigation.  if they will come in power in this Lok Sabha elections — which will hold in seven phases through April 11 to May 19.

The Supreme Court also said in December that there was nothing wrong with Raffle deal nor awarding the contract to the industrialist Anil Ambani which was signed by PM Modi. Court also dismissed the investigation which was set to look into the matter.

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