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Beware, People! Remedsivir injections sold under the COVIPRI brand don’t exist.

India continues to battle the Covid-19 crisis, and the demands of oxygen, hospital beds, and Remdesivir injections still remain a challenge that the Government is yet to overcome.

Amidst the ongoing huge demand, the police have busted many black marketing rackets involving the illegal trade of Remdesivir and there have been cases of fake Anti-viral drugs being sold off to the consumer.

Now, at a time when people are desperately looking for treatment against Covid-19, an injection named ‘Covipri’ is circulating on social media with many referring to it as the Remdesivir injection.

For the unversed Remdesivir itself is not a magic drug against Covid, but doctors are using it on a case-to-case basis to reduce the severity of the infection. Therefore the Remdesivir injection is in huge demand and there is a shortage of supply.

Meanwhile, an image of Covipri packets with Remdesivir injection written on them is being shared on Facebook and the users are claiming that the drug is available and people who are in dire need can contact them.

Notably, Covipri is a fake medicine and not a remedsivir injection. Delhi Police had also issued advisory warning relatives and friends of Coronavirus disease patients to not get lured into buying fake Remdesivir injections on Saturday.

Though the rackets have been busted by Delhi Police but some injections are still in circulation and authorities have warned people not to buy them from unverified sources.

The viral image of Covipri circulated on social media raises several questions on the authenticity of the drug as it is punctuated with grammatical errors.

For example, it is written,’ For use in India only, Not for export’, which is wrong English.

IPS officer Monika Bhardwaj also clarified that Remdesivir by the name COVIPRI is fake. “This complete racket has been busted but some injections may still be in circulation. Please do not buy from unverified sources,” the DCP of Delhi Police Crime Branch said in a tweet.

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