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Another example of gold-digger: Russian girl nails it all.

By Line: Devansh Prasad

In this utterly materialistic world, where we tend to deceive others by the means of our manipulation skills, to portray a fake image beautifully, just to satisfy our selfish needs, there is a Russian girl who shook everyone with her diplomatic charm. In Israel, a Russian-girl married to Zahid Khan, who is physically a dwarf. She said that it was love at first sight and she loved him for his strong and attractive character.

She said that “He may be small in height, but he is tender understanding and above all, he loves her. She even said that she does not care about his $740 million assets, he is having with himself.” It can be seen here, very clearly that the Russian girl has married the man, because of his king-sized financial status and tends to deceive the world that she loves him. She is even making a caricature of his feelings because ironically, the man strongly believes that the woman loves him.

People on twitter are mocking the girl”s character and blaming the whole gender in general. “Modern women can stoop to any level for money”, Maverick(a common man), tweeted. “Greedy girls. They can go to any extreme for easy moolah”, Anand Vasishtha(a common man), tweeted. It is very obvious that we cannot entangle the whole gender into the thread of the word “gold-digger”. But life was quite easy when Apple was just a fruit and gay was just a sophisticated word, used for being happy, but now, the scenario has been altered. We are in a phase, where most of the times, money conquers the sentiments of an individual.

As far as the main aspect of the story is concerned, individuals give more importance to money, but ironically they hide the respective fact, as they do not want to portray themselves as object-oriented and materialistic. The shameful act, done by the girl here, was that she valued the price of Zahid’s love with his worth, which is alluringly priceless, and eventually emerged out as a cynical word”gold-digger”.

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