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A meme turns out to be devastating to Budweiser beer’s image

Budweiser employees have been peeing in beer tanks for 12 years. What? Beer lovers, stay chill like beers, no need to freak out reading this because this is the fake news that is all over the internet today. Why and how this fake news was spread, well all your doubts are surely going to get clear. It was fake news made by a satire site. But it turned worse when soon pictures of a news piece were shared on Twitter and report of the fake news piece is going viral. However, this news is completely false and mere a fake rumor about Budweiser’s beers.

Read further to know where the false report got published:

A website called uploaded an article with the headline “Budweiser employee acknowledges being pissing into beer tanks for 12 years” quoting an employee’s name Walter Powell and stated this happens in Budweiser Brewery Experience ( Fort Collins, CO) and in other countries, the beer is available free of piss. It also mentioned that there are more than 750 staff members and it is difficult to monitor them all. After all the chaos caused over social media due to the spread of merely fake news, now, there is a disclaimer at the end of the website which says “this website is a humorous page whose purpose is entertainment. The context of foolish humor is fiction and does not correspond to reality.”

This satirical piece was later drafted as an authentic news piece and was posted on a news website.

Here’s the article:

People also shared some hilarious jokes and memes over social media:

So, as mentioned above, it was all satirical which was redrafted and posted on a news website which made it look authentic. Later, taking such articles seriously and passing it on to others was an obvious step by the common people. However, one must be careful while reading such articles and one must always verify its source before believing in such articles and sharing them further. Meanwhile, beer lovers, take a chill pill and do not worry as it was all satirical.

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