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No Fear No Favour

A Couple gives birth to ‘quarantine’ and ‘sanitizer’, read to know more:

This strange incident has been reported in Meerut, UP amid Covid-19 lockdown. Parents gave birth to twin boys and named them ‘Quarantine’ and ‘Sanitizer’.

The corona vaccine has yet not been discovered and meanwhile, during these times, the importance of keeping yourself sanitized and quarantined is immense. So, to spread this message among generations, the couple came up with this idea of naming their kids ‘Quarantine’ and ‘Sanitizer’. The couple also has a teenage daughter named Mani. The family belongs to Modipuram area of Meerut city.


Venu, the mother of the twins said, “There are two things that will help you protect yourself from Covid-19, keeping yourself sanitized and quarantined. corona vaccine is yet to be discovered. Hence we named our kids so.

“As we are going through tough times, we understand the importance of sanitizer and quarantine and this feeling of security should remain lifelong. So, these are the best names that we could have found for our children,” said Dharmendra, the father.

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