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22 millions users data breached . Users accuses Unacademy for sharing data for money

A major case of data hacking has been reported. In this , data of crores of users of online learning platform Unacademy has reached a hacker. Cyber ​​Security Agency Cyble Inc. Has reported this data leak. In this big data leak, personal details of 22 crore users have been stolen. The report says that these details have also been made available for sale on the dark web.
Data being sold for Rs 1.52 lakh A
few days ago, Cyble’s research team found an unacademy database on the dark web. The batch of databases that the researchers found contained data from 2.2 crore unacademy users, which were being sold for $ 2000 (about Rs 1.52 lakh). In addition to the username, the email data included email addresses, hash passwords, joining or previous login date and many more details.

data leaks of employees of leaked big companies
Security Research firm Cyble and BleepingComputer investigated the leaked data. Investigation revealed that it also included data from several employees working at Wipro, Infosys, Cognizant, Google and Facebook. In such a situation, the corporate network of these companies is under great threat.

 Data leaks 1.1 million users’
After this report came out, the co-founder of the academy, Hemesh Singh, told the truth of the data leak. However, he said that in this hacking, data of 1.1 crore users was stolen, not 2.2 crore. He said, ‘Common information of 1.1 crore learners (learning users) has been leaked. There is no loss of financial data, location or password. We are thoroughly investigating any loopholes related to any security.

gave more than 100GB of data and free calls in ‘month’, Singh admitted to the data leak, but he did not reveal how the hackers got access to the company’s security system. Please tell that the last record in the leaked database is of 26 January. At the moment, more details are being awaited from the academy.

The number of users suffering from data leaks may be
a matter of concern that when Cyble contacted hackers to learn about this datalike, they said that this database is half of the data stolen from the company’s system. In such a situation, it is feared that there may be an increase in the number of users suffering from data leaks in the coming days.

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