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14 year old in Kerala sets herself on fire and the reason is shockingly unbelievable

By Purvi Jain

A 14 year old girl in Kerala has committed suicide by letting herself on fire on Monday evening. The incident took place because of unavailability smartphone in the house and television was not working.

The girl named Devika has committed suicide as she was not able to attend her online classes. Her grandmother said she was missing since afternoon and the place where her body was found is far from her house. The girl’s father financial situation was not stable during lockdown .

Udbaid Hussain Thangal , MLA, said that the student was a victim of lack of foresightedness due to which she was unable to complete the homework assigned. The online session was named “first bell” and was telecast under state general education . The timings for the classes were scheduled at 8:30 am to 5:30 pm . After the investigation, Police confirmed that death was a suicide case.

There could be more cases for such reason in small areas where students are not able to get education. But taking such brutal step is not at all appropriate and they should find out an optimistic way for their problems.

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