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Narendra Modi Speech on Lockdown LIVE Updates: India in Much Better Situation Compared to Many Developed Countries, Says PM

Narendra Modi Speech on Coronavirus Lockdown LIVE Updates: Prime Minister Narendra Modi is addressing the nation and will spell out the government’s decision on whether the 21-day lockdown to curb the spread of the coronavirus (Covid-19) will be extended.

The Prime Minister thanked the people for following the lockdown and says the sacrifices made by Indians in the last 21 days like disciplined soldiers has helped control the spread of coronavirus in India. He says that India made timely interventions and this has prevented a situation prevalent in many developed countries.

PM Modi Addresses Nation 

Prime Minister begins his address to the nation, says India is doing well to tackle the coronavirus nation. He thanks people on the frontline of the Covid-19 battle. 

He Thanks Frontline Fighters

 Prime Minister Narendra Modi acknowleges the trouble being faced by people. In our constitution, ‘We the People’ is written, and this fight is what it signifies, he says. Remembering B R Ambedkar, says it a symbolic remembrance to his anniversary.

PM Modi on Festivals

 Prime Minister Narendra Modi says India is a country of festivals, referencing the various New Year festivals across states. “In the shackles of lockdown, the people of the country are following the lockdown with utmost patience, and are celebrating with simplicity, which is highly inspiring,” he says.

On Coronavirus Outbreak

Prime Minister Narendra Modi says india, compared to other countries has been able to curb the spread of Covid-19 better. Even when we did not have even one case, we had started the screening at airports. “Before cases reached 100, foreign travellers were surveilled. When India had 550 cases, it had started a 21-day lockdown.”

PM Modi on Coronavirus 

Prime Minister Narendra Modi says while comparing with other countries is not appropriate, some truths cannot be ignored. Countries with better resources, even compared to them, India is in a much better position, he says.

Other Countries Compared to India 

Thousands of people have died in many countries have died. If India had not carried out a holistic and integrated approach, the condition of country could have been umimaginable, invoking goosebumps to think about. 

PM Modi on Social Distancing

Social Distancing has paid off well in the battle against coronavirus, PM Modi says. While it may seem expensive to carry out, it is necessary to save the lives of Indians. Even with limited resources, India is boding well. 

PM Modi Praises States 

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has praised the states for their timely efforts. But he says that the way Covid-19 is continuing to spread across the world, is alarming. How will we win against coronavirus with limited troubles and economic impact? We have discussed extensively with everyone.

‘Lockdown To Be extended till May 3’ 

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has said that the lockdown will be extended till May 3. 

Lockdown Extended 

Prime Minister Narendra Modi says the lockdown has been extended, and that coronavirus should be curbed at every level. Even if one person dies due to coronavirus, our tension should increase. That is why hotspots have to be surveilled with extended vigilance, and take harsh steps to curb spread of coronavirus. If new hotspots arrive, our efforts will face problems. 

Till 20 April, Harsh Steps to be Taken 

Prime Minister Narendra Modi says that till April 20, harsh steps will be taken to curtail the spread of coronavirus in the country. Hotspots will be carefully surveilled.

Lockdown Relaxation With Conditions

Prime Minister Narendra Modi says that whatever relaxations granted during the lockdown to some areas will be upon conditions. Even if one such case is reported, the relaxations will be taken back.

Proper Report to be Out Tomorrow 

A proper report on the lockdown and its measures will be issued tomorrow, says PM Modi. Talking about daily wage workers, Modi says the new guidelines will be made keeping their interests in mind. Rabi crops cutting is on, and the measures will be taken to reduce their problems.

Health Infrastructure Has Improved by leaps and Bounds

PM Modi says the health infrastructure has improved by leaps and bound. He said labs have come up, beds have increased, more than 600 hospitals are working for coronavirus treatment. These facilities are being added upon every day. Even with our limited resources, PM Modi requests young scientists to come forth and help in creating coronavirus vaccine. 

Give Me Your Help With Seven Steps’

PM Modi underlines 7 steps to be followed.

1) Take proper care of the senior citizens of your house, especially those with underlying problems.

2) Lockdown and social distancing should be properly followed. Home-made face covers and masks should be used.

3) Increase your immunity by following directions given by Ayush Ministry. 

4) To help curb coronavirus spread, download Aarogya Setu application.

5) Wherever possible, help poor families.

6) In your businesses, help your coworkers, don’t downsize people.

7) Coronavirus ‘soldiers’ — doctors, nurses, sanitation workers — respect them.

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