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Naam- Chetan Pratap Singh Chauhan, Umar- Aaj Pure 69!

Chetan Chauhan just turned 69 (no puns intended!) years old on thursday, Yes the same guy who holds National Institute of Film and Television Chairman, Delhi and District Cricket Association Vice President, Director of his own company Coral Newsprints Ltd. Yes! Mr. Chauhan designations are ranging from a cricket expert to fashion advisior to a corporate guy and not to forget he is also two time BJP minister of parliament in 1991-1998, now it’s all make sense.
On June 21, when media asked him how he will handle three different posts Mr. Chauhan has said: “I will spend 60 per cent of the time in DDCA, 20 per cent at NIFT and 20 per cent in my business.” So it means he’s half a cricketer, quarter a fashion advisior and quarter a corporate guy , Yes it is a perfect recipe for a Big Boss contestant,someone put Mr. Chauhan on a call with Viacom 18.
One more element that is required to become a perfect Bigg Boss contest is ability to create a controversy and Mr. Chauhan and controversies are like ‘Karan-Arjun’ they just can’t stay apart for more time, whenever Mr. Chauhan gets a new department, controversy comes with it.
Whether or not Chauhan himself has been involved in the many illegalities that took place and continue unabated in the DDCA is for courts to decide, but the mismanagement under his leadership is undeniable. But Modi government rewards him with a new and more controversial post. Mr. Chauhan was appointed as president of National Institute Of Fashion Technology on 21st June 2015, Yes if you think making Gajendra Chauhan a president of National Institute Of Film Technology was a bad move than think about a man who has zero knowledge about about fashion industry prior to his appointment, Mr. Chauhan now has the responsibility to shape up the future of fashion Industry.That Chauhan was a fine cricketer is not difficult to understand. But what is difficult to understand is, how does being a good cricketer make him qualified to head India’s most prestigious fashion technology institution? For all we know, Chauhan and fashion are as different as chalk and cheese.
When Narendra Modi became the prime minister in 2014, he had promised to do away with the system of distributing offices based on loyalty and replace it with a meritocratic system in which one’s competence and not sycophancy is considered for selection for top posts. Now every selection like Gajendra Chauhan and Chetan Chauhan, in which talent is overshadowed by loyalty makes a mockery of the trust people reposed in such a promise.
Let’s just forget all this things like government wants us to and celebrate Mr. Chauhan birthday!

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