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MUST WATCH: ‘Aa Raha Hu Mai’ Starring Arnab Goswami in his upcoming venture ‘Republic’!

Journalist Arnab Goswami has finally announced that he is coming up with his new venture and it’ll be called ‘Republic’. And since that announcement, the social media cord is going gaga over it. Arnab has been mocked by the twitteratis and internet several times for a lot of other reasons but this time, his new venture is keeping the whole internet busy with creating trolls and memes on it.’
A new video has emerged on twitter where Arnab’s new ‘Republic’ has been shown as Shahrukh’s new flick ‘Raees’ with the tagline ‘Aa Raha Hu Mai!’

He had announced his resignation from Times Now earlier in November and since then, there were rumours that the journalist is expected to come back with a new concept. All the rumours, however, were put to rest when he told The New Minute about the same.
“My venture is called ‘Republic’; I seek the support of the people of India,” he was quoted as saying. Without giving out any further details, he said he’ll inform about the rest in a couple of weeks. Reportedly, the venture is expected to go live before Uttar Pradesh elections in 2017 and will be based out of Mumbai. The journalist is currently working on the team.
People on social media had a ball as soon as the news hit the Internet and many of them can’t stop tripping on the name. Joining the dots, many are suggesting that the venture might go live on January 26 because it’s called ‘Republic’. As expected, the jokes floating around have reference to Goswami’s favourite dialogue, ‘The nation wants to know’!

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