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Mulayam Singh blasted Amar Singh over the phone, said – “Leehaj Kar Lete” read more!

Till date you all must be aware about the ‘Rift in Yadav family’ i.e. dismissal of Shivpal Yadav by the current Chief minister of Uttar Pradesh Akhilesh yadav from the party but here is the latest version of what’s going on in controversial Yadav’s family. The current situation has been over taken by party chief Mulayam Singh Yadav by scolding Amar Singh on phone for getting indulge into his family related issues and creating nuisance among the public. Mulayam Singh called Amar Singh on his personal phone & told him to switch the call on landline for obvious reasons. As per the family sources revealed the words of Mulayam Singh Yadav were- “TUMNE KOI KASAR BAKI NAHI CHHODI, SUDHAR LO, KUCH TOH LIHAAZ KAR LETE”.
After the phone call ended Mulayam Singh sat down & didn’t utter a single word for more than an hour. Sources also revealed that, Yadav only took a glass of water after he finished his chat with Singh.
If we read between the lines of this whole incident, it now looks like that instead of Shivpal Yadav the danger bell is now ringing at Amar Singh. According to Prof. Ram Gopal Yadav, the Yadav family will remain as it is. No one from the outside can demolish the unity and integrity of Yadav family by creating such meaningless rumours. During the phone call, party chief Mulayam Singh said to Amar Singh in an aggressive tone that: “Was there any kind of requirement to get indulge into the personal family matters of others like he is doing right now”.
Now from the above fact it seems clear that the game that Amar Singh was trying to throw at Yadav’s family is now being reversed to him.


BY: Shivendra Pandey

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