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Modiji are you listening? Uri Attacks; The black day which left the nation mourning

Some terrorists sneak into the army base of a country; throw several grenades killing 17 soldiers of the army. The highest number of deaths our army has ever suffered in the past years. They attacked on a country which possesses the third largest army in the world. The soldiers who spent their life serving for the nation were burnt alive in their camps.
And all this seems so easy, so easy for these cowards to gun down, bomb or slaughter the heads of our soldiers. So easy for them to sneak into the border of our country fearlessly, in the broad day light. A day which will be written on the Black pages in the history of India. But wait, we already have so many of such black pages in our history. Don’t we? Still if this does not boils your blood, we wonder what else will.

And what are we going to do about this? Post condemning and sad messages on various social media platforms and get likes! This is definitely not the first time when such incidents happened in our country. A country where the Chief Justice breaks down in front of the whole media and literally cries over the situation of India. Our nation is fuming over the attacks on army and this time our PM Narendra Modi is on target. PM Modi Uri attacks

Finding out the perpetrator behind the attack: Check

Collecting strong evidences against them: Check

Condemning the act and paying tribute: Check

Taking action against them?? That’s where we lag. Not playing cricket with them is definitely not an option left for us now!

Turns out that this act which was mounted by Pakistan based terrorist outfit JeM (Jaish-e-Mohammed) is PM Modi’s biggest challenge on Pakistan. The whole internet fuming over the attack and the only demand they have is a strict action.

Social media giants Twitter and Faceboook are flooded with posts demanding strict action from PM Modi

PM Modi, are you listening? This time the nation will not stay silent.

By: Swapnil Mishra

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