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No Fear No Favour

Mobile company Nokia ready to lock horns with Samsung, Apple and we can’t wait anymore.

Once being an undisputed king in the arena of the mobile market, Nokia is planning to dial back in time to start selling mobile phone again. After selling off its business to Microsoft, Nokia had signed the non-compete agreement with Microsoft, which is set expire this year. Once the agreement expires, company is ready to strike back again, says CEO Rajeev Suri

Nokia, which was the king in the mobile phone market, had failed to keep up with the changing trend and chose Microsoft’s unpopular windows phone over Android at that time. According to an analyst, Nokia’s image in the world will play a key factor in the re-entry of the giant. New players in this sector face numerous difficulties, one of which is after self-service, which is not the case with Nokia. Here we like to clear that, Nokia is not into making phones. Instead, Nokia had given the rights to use their brand name toHMD Global Oy, which will take off their brand building.

As now, solid proves are making their way to the internet, the smart-phone giant is ready to give their competitor nightmares they had never imagined. Nokia is gearing up to showcase their might at the Mobile World Congress (MWC), where all the companies show reveal their upcoming projects in the market. It gives the company an international platform to show their prowess in full might.


nokia-a1-specifications-leaked (1)

To win the battle of the smartphone market, Nokia is betting their move on the low-income people of the country. According to the Nokia power user, the device, which is codenamed as D1C, will come in two variants. These variants will have 2GB RAM and 3GB RAM options coupled with Snapdragon 430 chipset. The 2GB RAM variant will probably be priced at Rs 9,999 while the 3GB RAM version may be priced at Rs 12,999. The device may have a 5 inch Full HD display and a 16MP rear camera and 13MP front camera combo.

If all goes well, the ‘Nokia’ brand will soon be able to see the day of the light.

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