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Mithun Chakraborty isolates himself on Los Angeles because of health scares!

Mithun Chakraborty, one of the biggest star in 80’s and also one of the best dancers of his times in Bollywood, is not keeping well

Spotboye.Com revealed that Mithun Da is very unwell at the moment. When spotboye called his manager Vijay, he said, “Dada is unwell and not in Mumbai. He is not using his phone and has decided to rest himself in Los Angeles for at least a month. It’s been nearly two weeks now since he flew out, and he will return only by end of this month.”

So why has Mithun cuts himself off from the world? Vijay said that Mithun is down with chronic back trouble and wants to be alone for some time. “Dada also had a hairline fracture in his back, but thankfully he doesn’t need a surgery,” he added. MithunDa’s started feeling unwell in 2009, when he worked in Imran Khan-ShrutiHaasan starrer Luck, which required him to shoot some high-octane action sequences including one where he jumped off from a helicopter.

Vijay revealed, “Dada mistimed his jump and thereafter his back started giving him too much trouble.”

His manager also said it was something which was bound to happen to Mithun Da, the amount of action movie dada did in 80’s and a number of injuries happened because of it, are now putting very serious trouble in Dada’s life.

We wish Mithun Da a speedy recovery.

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