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Meltdown Of ‘Iron Lady Mayawati’, Party Workers Sobbed Too!

By: Kavita Khanna

It was Saturday evening when BSP Chief Mayawati received that dreaded phone call. The call stated that her brother had died.  But this did not give Mayawati a reason to postpone her meeting in Lucknow. If sources to be believed, during the meeting, every party worker present there was looking Mayawati with sympathetic eyes but could not see slighest of emotion on her face.

Senior party member on the request of anonymity tells News Leak Centre that, Atlast the pain of her brother’s death came in front of everybody but she did not reveal it. Mayawati known for her strong, intense image had her eyes wet and with her everyone present there also cried. She said,’ Aap sabko maloom hi hoga ki mere chote bhai Titu ki maut ho gayi hai. Uski lash ghar par rakhi hai. Iski jankari mujhe mil gayi thi, lekin maine aap sabhi ko baithak ke liye bula rakha tha aur mere liye party aur mission pehle hai, parivaar baad mein. Mere samne bhi chunoti thi, lekin mera mission aur Babasaheb ka sapna mere liye zyada ahem tha.



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