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Meet the 10 most qualified Chief Ministers ruling the different states of India…


Education qualification of Indian politicians has always been a point of hot debate. It has been stretched that education should be considered as one of the parameters to judge a person’s credibility as a political leader in the largest democracy of the world. But even in this day and age, we find many examples of hardly educated leaders occupying important chairs in India.

But there is always another side of every story. Though in one hand the educational proficiency of our Netas still remains a concern, we have several politicians with loads of accomplishment and academic degrees on the other.

In this article, we will provide you the list of 10 highly educated Chief ministers from the different states of India who are immensely popular and celebrated in their respective states.

Interestingly, in this list, we have doctors, engineers, lots of LL.B’s and some with multiple degrees. A few surprises are also there.

  1. Raman Singh – Dr. Raman Singh is in his third term as the Chief Minister of Chattisgarh. He hails from Bharatiya Janata Party. He is widely respected as a generous man. He is a doctor in Ayurvedic.


  1. Shivraj Singh Chouhan – He is the Chief Minister of Madhya Pradesh, hailed for his organizational and leadership skills, this veteran politician is a Gold Medalist in Philosophy and an Agriculturalist by profession.


  1. Mamata Bannerjee – The Chief Minister of West Bengal holds multiple academic degrees. She is a graduate in History, LL.B and An M.A in Islamic studies. This fiery lady also holds an honorary D.LLIT from Kalinga Industrial Institute of Industrial Technology.


  1. Nitish Kumar – The four times Chief Minister of Bihar is an Electrical Engineer. He is one of the best orators the country has for now.


  1. Mukul Sangma – He is the Chief Minister of the North-Eastern state of Meghalaya. He is an MBBS. He has also served as a Public Health Officer before joining Politics. He belongs to Indian National Congress.


  1. Devendra Fadnavis – Devendra Fadnavis was also academically excellent. Apart from LL.B, he also holds two Post Graduate Diplomas. One in Business Management and the other in Project Management from DSE Berlin. The Chief Minister of Maharashtra is one of the most talked about politician in India.


  1. Arvind Kejriwal – The Chief Minister of the National capital served as an Indian Revenue Service Officer before becoming a Full-time Politician. The Convener of Aam Aadmi Party is an Alumni of IIT Kharagpur. Arvind Kejriwal was also an RTI Activist.


  1. Raghubar Das and Siddaramaiah – Both the Chief Ministers of Jharkhand and Karnataka respectively have same academic qualifications. Both are graduates in science and practiced Law before getting into Politics. Raghubar Das is from BJP and Siddarmmiah belongs to Indian National congress.


  1. Vasundhara Raje – The incumbent Chief Minister of Rajasthan is the daughter of the royal ‘Scindia’ family of Gwalior and wife of Prince Hemant Raje. She is a Graduate in economics and political science from the University of Mumbai. She is the first Female chief minister of Rajasthan.


Apart from this we have the Chief Ministers of Assam and Gujarat, namely Sarabananda Sonowal and Vijay Rupani, who are practiced lawyers and graduates in Arts. Both the leaders belong to the BJP.

As we can see the list is a mixture of competent youth and experienced minds. Though we still have people like Tejaswi Yadav, who couldn’t even read out his oath properly being made the Deputy Chief Minister of Bihar, these above-mentioned politicians give us hope of a better future on the contrary.

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