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Look At The Newly Found Old British Era Bunker In Raj Bhawan Complex At Malabar Hills.

The 150-meter long underground British era bunker which had been closed for several decades was discovered by Maharashtra Governor C. Vidyasagar Rao inside the Raj Bhavan complex at Malabar Hill. The Governor, who visited the bunker along with his wife and Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis Tuesday, has decided to consult experts from various fields regarding its preservation.
Here’s a video of the newly found old British era bunker.

The governor was informed by old-timers and his friends that there exists a tunnel inside Raj Bhavan, and out of curiosity he asked to get it opened. When the staff member of the Public Works Department at Raj Bhavan opens a temporary wall that closed the entrance to the bunker on the eastern side, they were surprised. They found an entire barrack with 13 rooms of different size. The bunker opens with a 20-ft tall gate and a ramp on the western side.

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Tunnel has several spaces created on its both sides to store arms & ammunition.It also has rooms for people to live.

— Devendra Fadnavis (@Dev_Fadnavis) August 16, 2016

There are long passages and small to medium rooms on either side. The bunker has spread over an area of more than 5,000 square feet has rooms bearing the name shell store, gun shell, cartridge store, shell lift, pump, workshop etc. Even though the bunker was apparently closed after independence, it was found to be surprisingly intact. Interestingly the entire underground bunker has a drainage system and inlets for fresh air and light.

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