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Live-in relationships: why should this generation not opt for it.

When we talk about live in relationship, it all sounds so cool, right?

Well, it could be the perfect scenario to live with the person you love and have no complications of marriage in life.

But have you ever wondered that how can something be so perfect without any problem, Yes, you may have heard a lot of people advocating live in a relationship but at the same time, there are a lot of reasons supporting the fact that you should not get into a live-in relationship?

Here are some of them why you should not get into a live-in relationship:

Live In Relationship –

You start expecting more

When you live with the person while being in a relationship, you start expecting more from them in terms of time, attention and sometimes, love too. Somehow, you start to feel like you both own each other’s time and now you are obliged to do more things for each other.

You take each other for granted

This happens in every situation because the person you start living with, becomes a part of your life and that’s the reason you take each other for granted. After all, you don’t have to plan any meeting dates anymore or think of excuses to each other, which makes you think that you don’t need to put any more efforts. Hence, you take each other for granted.

You fight on every other issue

It’s human nature because the more time you spend with someone, the more you fight over silly issues. In a live-in relationship, fights become an everyday thing and it’s a never-ending war between two people who don’t even realize what they fight for.

It’s difficult to walk out.

At times, when you feel things are not working out, it becomes difficult for you to walk out because there are so many strings attached. This is why being in a live-in relationship or getting into a live-in relationship is a risky choice to make.

Marrying won’t be as much exciting.

Once you’ve been in a live-in relationship, marrying each other will become just a ritual for you. So, if you are one of those who’ve been crazy for marriage since childhood, you might want to give a thought to your live in relationship plans.

Everything has a good and a bad side, but you need to figure out what’s working best for you. If you feel you can get away with all these hurdles and have a great married life ahead, then you really should go for it.

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