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Trouble sleeping? Follow these simple steps for a good night’s sleep.

Byline by – Nitisha Nagpal

Everybody knows the fact that ageing and sleeping are not best friends. A lot of thoughts constantly going through our minds can lead to a disturbed sleeping pattern. Ultimately leading to looking restless and irritated all the time. A few tips for you to follow so that you can sleep better.

Follow a bed time routine daily so that your body knows it alarm timings and sleep at a fix time. Also, you can go a little fancy and lit those scented candles and few drops of essential oils can put you to bed on time.
Drinking that cup of coffee will keep you awake for longer and turning you into a sleep hunter.

Regular exercise or some sought of physical activity can cause that extra fatigue and give those little snores. Doctors recommend to exercise a few days a week in order to stay fit and sleep better.

These are a handful of general tips but if you constantly are sleep deprived, then we recommend you to visit a doctor.

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