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No Fear No Favour

This story about the girl and her dog will melt your heart.

If you are a dog lover you probably know how it feels when your dog companion walks with you every location you want to visit, the story of Ellie and her Dog Tucker is beautiful, Ellie describes her journey with her companion Tucker and how they find their respective partners in the process.

In the beginning, we were just two. Tucker was my roommate, my best friend, and myFriday night date. We traveled the country together.

From Niagra Falls…

To Breckenridge,


… and to the Grand Canyon!


And just like that, two became four. to Boston, Tucker met Riggins and a Boy.

They wined and dined.

They fell in love.

And they went on beautiful hikes together

They got so comfortable together, that they stopped worrying about their morning ears.

Because that’s when you know you’ve got something really good.

Tucker told the Boy it was time to tie the knot.

And just like that, two became four.

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