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No Fear No Favour

This engineer’s Twitter is a go-to place for various leads.

Byline By- Aaliya Sultana

The internet has two sides of the coin, it can be bad or good and to have the privilege to sign up for a social media platform may not seem much but once we fully realise the potential and the power of the digital world is when we feel blessed to have means to internet connection and social media platforms. Last time, we talked about a Pulmonologist and Covid Frontline Worker. As for this segment, we talk about a person who by profession is an Engineer and alongside this, she is a fitness and sports lover. She resides in West Bengal. She has been using her twitter to raise funds for the ICU cover charges and for the availability of oxygen. She retweets and shares information and verify leads as much as she can. She is also supported by few celebrities like Srijit Mukherjee and Swastika Mukherjee. Her name isMiss.KamalikaBasu and one can reach out to her via her twitter handle @KamalikaBasu.

The response from her side was very engaging and very encouraging. We asked her to throw some light on her objectives as a Covid Warrior and how she has made her twitter a go to platform when people need help. To this she replied ‘We have been trying to raise funds still. Considering the current economic crisis, things are not easy. I have taken the initiative to at least help with the needy with food, necessities. Once we receive more contribution, we can think of oxygen. We are supported by few celebrities like Srijit Mukherjee and Swastika Mukherjee and they’ve always lent me helping hand on reaching out to people. I amplify resources and many have stepped up on doing this cause too’.

Hearing this, we could not help but ask that how her experience has been, and she says ‘The whole journey is to create a network and at least do something good before everything ends. I am a software engineer and a sports enthusiast. I love to explore knowledge on various subjects and try to reach out to people as much as I can. I am from West Bengal and the condition here is pathetic. This has moved me a lot and I can’t sit back anymore.’

Hearing this, our hearts felt the feeling of how inspiring people can be and how a touch of share and using social media can really lead to safe space and create a chain of people helping people. Even the pandemic requires us to be a part of this whole chain, we can only rely on each other and this is the time when a person like Kamalika deserves a praiseworthy mention as well as a Thank you.

She was kind enough to show her gratitude towards our segment as well. Kamalika says ‘Also, I wish luck to you as you are covering such stories with the non celebs. Many thanks you’.In return we publish this article as a thanks to her. Thank you, Miss KamalikaBasu, you are our another Unsung Covid Warrior. Much love to you!

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