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No Fear No Favour

These 5 steps will help you accept your emotions.

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Often times, we find ourselves in such a space where we do not know what we are feeling, what makes us exhausted, what are we supposed to do with our feelings. Along with this, we also start getting irritated, annoyed, and sad on every little thing. The emotional outbursts are more frequent than ever! So we basically get into dilemma of questioning things and our feelings.

So to answer the above question, sometimes we do end up feeling haywire, which is absolutely okay. But to stop the haywire emotions and finally accept them, one must indulge in the practice of expressing them and managing them. For this, these 5 steps can help you.

On a side note, do not be afraid to seek professional help.

1.Stop and take a minute to yourself:

While the hit of emotions can come suddenly, it is important that one stops and takes a minute to breathe and just sit down. Try excusing yourself from that environment/conversation and place.

2. Recognize and define your emotions:

Once one has finally done that, it is important to do an analysis in order to recognize your emotions. This will help in knowing your emotions, whether they are bad, overwhelming or frustrating. This well help in defining your emotions with labels. One can label them as grief, sadness, tiredness, or disappointment.

3.Acknowldge and Accept the emotion:

This will allow you to have a hand on your emotions. With the process of acknowledging and accepting will open a gate of letting yourself have the permission of feeling it and know the reason. For example: if you feel gloomy then tell yourself that “It is definitely okay to feel gloomy, I will work towards making myself more happy and doing the things I love”

4. Indulge yourself in things you love and talk to your trusted ones:

Last step would be to practice whatever makes you feel calm, it can be painting, reading, journaling, walking or playing games. It can be anything. Along with this, if you feel like you need a second hand then do not be afraid. Reach out to your trusted people and express your feelings.

5. Let it pass:

Once you feel you have finally let the emotion be okay and let the negative feeling pass, let it go and move on. This can be a very hard process and can not be done in one day, so allow yourself to have the time as per your preference.

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