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No Fear No Favour

Read how this girl sitting in Canada is helping Indians in the pandemic!

Byline By- Aaliya Sultana

They say that the digital world is a wonderful place. It can connect you to anyone from across the world and with people from across the globe showing love and support for India, one realises that helping someone can take place even if we are sitting in two corners of the world.

This warrior is currently in Canada but has helped in raising funds with her friends in Canada for an NGO in Kolkata and Durgapur to help buy oxygen cans and oximeters for little suburbs like Mednipur, Bankura, and Birhbum. So people affected can know their oxygen level since hospitals are not taking in the people unless their oxygen level is less than 90 or 85. She and her friends has made Facebook and Twitter a hub for covid resources by making a group over these platforms which has all the information in it for covid-19. Her name is Sudipta and her twitter handle is @highwaysnrunway

Questions like what was the motivation behind starting a group and what are the difficulties being in Canada and helping Indians in verifying leads were asked.

She says that when the situation was a little calmer, it was easy to get beds and treatment but hearing upon how her family members passed away even after getting such facilities made her think that it was the negligence of the hospital. Her Grandfather was neglected in the rural town in West Bengal due to no availability of leads and ambulance and believes that losing dear ones is very hurtful but helping a stranger and saving lives is a joy that gives you more motivation.

She also says ‘Half of these cases we do not hear cause they are not on social media, everybody is helping big cities and many NGOs are there so we took step towards suburbs’

And the challenge, she is exposed to is the challenge of time zone and ringing the Indian numbers but that has not stopped her from helping! She now follows leads and acts passively only with few covid group, she’s a part of. She also believes that getting vaccinated is important and can’t wait to see her loved ones get vaccinated as soon as a slot of given to them.

We now truly believe that it’s the courage and the dedication that takes place to help someone in need and factors like time-zone can never be a wall for these warriors! Thank you Sudipta!

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