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No Fear No Favour

Is good looks and accent of speaking all what matters?


There is not even a single day to count where women have not been judged. It might be on the basis of religion, complexion, looks or even slang. We all know ‘first impression is the last impression’. A lot many people think that looks of a woman are what makes up the first impression. No, not at all.

There are few women who might not look attractive but still possess the ability to attract people. Have you ever seen someone like that? The way they speak, approach is highly likeable and grabs the attention of people. But still, there is a whole lot the percentage of women who don’t fall in this category. Those women get trapped in the web of society’s judgement.

Slang is one of such bait of this web. Men judge women on the basis of swearing, if a woman is found using local slang or swearing, it is considered unattractive. Already, a plethora of discrimination is present in the society, this one is like putting fuel to the burner.

Society itself creates a path for people to judge themselves on various different aspects, now linguistic ownership is becoming one of them, great! Men have started having a monopoly is every nook and corner. Even in this 21st century, people still have conserved thoughts but they think they are evolving. It is like the situation of a hamster which keeps rolling the wheel but thinks as if it is running on a field. Men think that women who talk in certain dialects are not appealing. I know swearing is not good manners but if the same is done by men, it is considered cool and attractive. Why?

Even though men may not say it directly but by considering women who swear to be unattractive is indirectly propagating to their belief of discriminating women even on the basis of language. This is ridiculously unfair and men need not show their macho attitude which they usually do on different social platforms through comments and shares which only proves that few men are yet to evolve.


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