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How can teens take care of their skin?

By line – Nitisha Nagpal

Teenage is the essential time to take care of your skin. Shedding skin cells everyday screams for some care. During teenage, our hormones are all over the place and our delicate skin is prone to acne and other skin infections. An ideal skincare routine can be started in early teens to maintain a healthy skin balance.

The science behind skincare

In order to keep skin in good condition, one should regularly follow a good skin care regime. One should not only just dream of shiny smooth skin without doing the bare minimum. Don’t just fall for traps such as just washing face with simple water. Being the largest organ of human body, it for sures requires that bit of a care.It does not keep with the guarantee of being healthy and young for ever.

The very first most step is to know the texture and the type of skin one has. Depending on that, skin care products shall be selected.

• Step 1 is a good Cleanser who does not leave the skin dry and is gentle on the skin.

• A good moisturizer is a person’s bestie and is a lifesaver. Even if you have oily skin, you still need to moisturize.

• Sunscreen, a product which is recommended to everyone, whether or not they keep up with their daily self care is sunscreen. General advise by top dermatologist is to use maximum SPF and yes apply it even if you are staying indoors.

• Exfoliaters, although exfoliates are a little harsh on the skin but use once a week can take out the extra dirt which sometimes is a extreme task for a normal cleanser.

• Moving on, to calm skin and to make it smooth a toner is a must.

These all tips only work if you invest in good quality, worth for money products. Also consulting a dermatologist is an essential step and to know skin allergies better is foremost pace.

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