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Here’s How To Do Visarjan If You Don’t Stay Near Water Body

Ganesh Chaturthi one festival that is widely celebrated around the country. Although it is known for immersing lord Ganesha’s idol in a water body, the practice has become a threat to the environment. Recently, singer Vishal Dadlani tweeted about the environmental hazards caused by doing visarjan on a water body.

He wrote, “India, don’t immerse Ganpati in the ocean or natural water-bodies. Can’t bear to see half-dissolved idols all over again. Treat Ganesha & Nature with the respect they deserve. Use natural, soluble idols & immerse at home/in tanks built for this. Pl. don’t let this happen again.”

Many devotees do live near a water body and so are unable to do visarjan. Although one might find it disappointing, it is actually a way of choosing a healthier environmental decision. Several Ganesha idols which are made of materials like plaster of Paris are immersed in large water bodies that give off harmful chemicals which threated aqua life and waste clean water.

Though people should take a pledge of going eco-friendly this year if you do immerse idols in a water body, devotees who do not stay near can do this…

While the festival is about chanting Ganpati Bappa Morya and 10 long days of celebrations, several people have to celebrate the festival using clay idols and immersing it in buckets of water at home.

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