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Common Sex Injuries You Need To Know About

Sex is supposed to be pleasurable and injuries are the last thing on your mind when you engage in it. Well, it’s time you know that there are indeed situations when sex can get downright hazardous. Sex injuries happen much more often than you think.

Read on to know 9 common sex injuries and their solution so that you know what to do when it occurs (you never know!)

VAGINAL TEARS: Vaginal tears are painful. In severe cases, they can also cause bleeding and infection. Vaginal tears usually happen when your girl is not lubricated enough.

ANAL TEARS: Anal tears also happen due to the same reason, lack of lubrication. Anal isn’t self-lubricating and thus needs an artificial lube if you are engaging in anal sex. Anal tears can be more harmful than vaginal tears as anus has more harmful bacteria.

SORENESS IN VAGINA: Soreness in the vagina after a sizzling hot session with your partner is very common. Soaking in lube warm water can help ease vaginal soreness, achiness and stinging. A lot of rapid thrusting and a rough session can be the reason behind the same. A painkiller can be taken in case of extreme pain or the best is to
go and consult your doctor.

PENILE FRACTURE: A penis cannot exactly be fractured as it has no bones. Penile fracture happens when an erect penis is bent forcefully, which breaks the blood-filled chambers inside. Penile fracture is a rare sex injury and happens mostly when the women is on the top. Maybe now you want to rethink being on the top.

MUSCLE CRAMPS: Sex is a physical activity which definitely can lead to muscle cramps. The body parts mostly cramped during the sexual intercourse are legs and thighs (you know why). Walk around, stretch or maybe take a painkiller if you can’t bear the pain. Change position so that your body doesn’t have to remain in one position which can lead to cramps.

HEART ATTACK: The most serious sex injury is heart attack. Having sex demands you to be fit, especially if you like experimenting. If you feel your partner is experiencing any kind of discomfort (chest pain, dizziness, breathlessness), play it safe

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