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Leaving Jennifer for Angelina was one of my biggest mistakes:Brad Pitt

Brad Pitt seems to have finally admitted that leaving his first wife Jennifer Aniston for Angelina Jolie was one of the biggest mistakes of his life. Fans who’ve been rooting for Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston ever since their 2005 split may actually have cause for hope! Years later, Brad regrets leaving the Friends star for his now-ex Angelina Jolie.
Following his 2016 separation from Angie Brad sobered up and sought therapy. And now, he’s “in touch with emotions and his true self like never before,” the sources say.

And it seems like this self-awareness comes with some great realizations.”He has come to realize that leaving Jen for Angelina was one of the biggest mistake of his life, the source adds.”And while he’s not in love with Jen, he realizes how much he does love her. Brad keeps telling friends that he’s seeing everything more clearly.”
However, these realizations are obviously far too late.
Brad, on the other hand, split with Angelina Jolie last year, after a nine-year relationship, followed by a two-year marriage.

“They worked well together” when they formed the production company Plan B in 2001, an insider close to Brad.He wants Jen involved gain as he produces and develops more and more high-quality film and cable TV product.
According to sources, in the recent conversations that Brad Pitt has had with Aniston, he’s realized what a mistake he made by leaving her by ending their marriage and moving on with Jolie.

It’s not that he wants Jennifer back, as he’s aware she’s happily married to Justin Theroux, but the regret of ending the marriage is something that definitely seems to haunt him now more than ever.
Brad Pitt respects that Aniston has been so open and available at all times — he respects that she is even giving him the time of day to help him cope with the process of finalizing his divorce once and for all.

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