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No Fear No Favour

Ladies of all the age groups, hold your breath as the handsome Anil Kapoor is again slaying his aging game

Are you under depression after seeing that grey hair in the morning while brushing your teeth in the morning? Are you under depression of children calling you ‘aunty’

whenever you go out to buy yourself groceries? Are you having trouble saving for that trip that you wanted to go, but cant, because you are spending more on that anti-ageing cream to look younger than your actual age? Ageing is the thing you can’t control,

no matter how hard you try. But there’s one person in this country who is challenging this natural phenomena of human world. With each passing day, he looks younger. He is the father of three children, but don’t go on his look, you may get scratch your head

in confusion. He is none other than our very own bollywood actor, Anil Kapoor. At the age of 60, he doesn’t even look like that what an average Indian look. Woman, of all ages, fall for him, have even crushes on him, despite of the fact that he is a father

of 3 children. In a photo posted on his twitter handle @anilkapoor challenges ‘age is just another number’. Scroll on to find the comments on his photo.

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