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No Fear No Favour

Kudos to technology! Now you can even complain about your gas subsidy that too directly to Petroleum Minister

Being as kids, we have always been cursed by our parents for being too much into our phones and gadgets. Whatever the problem may be, there is only one solution to everything according to our parents that is, “Aag laga do is phone ko”! But see, the world is changing and evolving really fast, beyond our imagination.

Whenever we had any problems with the authorities earlier, we had to write letters file complaints and RTI to the ministers and keep waiting for lives, but now thanks to the technology that we get replies at the speed of light!
Just tweet and tadaa, the problem is solved!

Recently a man posted about his gad subsidy to Petroleum Minister Dharmendra Pradhan and the minister quickly solve his problem with this tweet!

Everyone is now celebrating acche din!!

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