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Kerala Minister beats more than dozen dogs to death, wishes to parcel the dead dogs to Maneka Gandhi

When the whole world is celebrating animal’s day today with the message of spreading love and peace, our country witnessed one of the most inhumane acts of animal cruelty. More than a dozen dogs were beaten to death by our own Politians! The reason? They claim this as a message to those seeking a ‘humane’ solution to the rising number of the canines! WOW. The worst logic one could even give to brutality and then they claim their act to be ‘humane’. It is a matter of shame for us that we voted for such people to lead and represent us as politians.

In a gruesome response to alleged stray dog menace in Kerala, protesters left dead dogs at a post office to send across a message to those seeking a humane solution to the rising number of the canines.
Some members of the Youth Front Congress (Mani) beat 10 stray dogs to death and then paraded them to protest against what they consider a menace.

The incident which took place in Kottayam, was targeted at making the government more aware of the issue and taking stern steps against it.

After parading the dead dogs on a pole through the town, the protesters arrived at a post office declaring that they “wished to parcel the dead dogs” to the Ms Maneka Gandhi, Union Minister for Women and Child Development. Ms
Gandhi is also a well known animal rights activist.

“I love dogs; I have dogs in my house. Our protest was against dangerous dogs and we hope that seeing the protest in Kottayam, people across districts will do the same,” Saji told a news agency.

“So many people in Kottayam have been attacked by dogs. Dog lovers are okay with any other animal getting slaughtered, why this bias only towards dogs?” he asked.

However, the politician failed to explain what a “dangerous dog” is.

In a feeble attempt at damage control, Saji insisted that members of his party had only killed “dangerous dogs”.
“One can understand when one sees dangerous dogs. We identified dogs that were attacking people or were simply rotting in the stsreets,” he claimed.

He rubbished the requests of several animal activists to promote sterilisation of the dogs by saying, “Dogs don’t attack people for lust. How will sterilising them help?”

Wait, what?

The dogs were left at the post office after which government officials removed them and gave them a decent burial. According to reports, police have stated that charges have been filed against 15 people under section 428 and 429 of IPC and Section 11 of Prevention of Cruelty against animals.

The police also stated that no arrest has been made. Animal abuse is rampant in India and such insensitive displays will only worsen the situation. The Youth Wing has later confirmed that they “will continue to kill strays.”
The maximum penalty for animal abuse in India is still Rs 50. Shameful, brutal and saddest incident yet!

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