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No Fear No Favour

Jeep India’s new SUVs will surely make you smile a bit wider!

Your favourite jeep is going to be back on the roads that too at your pocket friendly prices! Yes you heard it right. Here is a good news for all the jeep lovers.

It is one of the very rare instances nowadays when you watch a group of friends singing and enjoying their way on a jeep. Spotting a jeep on the roads itself is something we don’t really get to see now. And when we do, it brings up all the nostalgia back in our minds. Jeeps have almost disappeared from the roads of India but still people of almost every generation find it one of the coolest vehicles to groove on the roads with.

Jeep India has brought an exciting hamper for all the jeep lovers with their new SUV models that will be heavily localised. To make that smile on your faces a bit wider, the price range of these SUVs will fall under the Rs 10 Lakhs to Rs 20 Lakhs bracket! An explanation to this steep pricing is that these jeeps will be imported to India via the CBU route and once it gains a good position into the market, the company will develop jeeps locally to drive volumes.

So get ready to roll on the wheels of your dreams without giving a major jerk to your budget.

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