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It’s High Time To Ban Skin Care Products For Their False Promises!

A demand for banning the advertisements of fairness creams was made in the Rajya Sabha today, with members saying such products and their publicity were demeaning for women (and for men too, but that’s not the point!)
Raising the issue during the Zero Hour, Viplove Thakur (Cong) said “advertisements of products like Fair & Lovely and Ponds face creams are demeaning for women, such advertisements should be stopped and government should order full ban on the advertisement”. Current government can do it easily after all govt. like banning things so much, #PornBan, #BeefBan remember?


Asking whether these products were actually tested by the concerned agencies before they hit the market, Thakur asked the government to take note of the “false promises” being made through these advertisements.First of all, a big shout out to Mr. Viplove Thakur, you deserve it sir good job! , It’s so true TV adverts make false promises. The best example is those of fairness creams and skin whitening products. A typical ad shows that a girl changed her skin color from dark to white within a week after using a certain fairness cream. A young girl was worried because of her dark skin. She used a skin whitening cream, which changed her dark color to white. After that, she is shown as a bride, wearing too much gold jewellery on her wedding day. A girl uses a skin whitening product and suddenly everybody starts noticing her. Is it possible that one can change her/his skin tone using a
skin fairness product? Certainly not!

Take this new Yami Gautam skincare product Ad for an example, where a girl gets her confidence back because Yami insists her to change fairness cream, what? And suddenly everything seems to be back on track for the girl, one word for you Yami ‘Bizzare’. And what’s the obsession with being white, you are perfect the way you look and that’s important for everyone to know. In 2013 actress Nandita Das spearheaded an online campaign called ‘Dark is Beautiful’. It was a movement against fairness products and the racial premise upon which they thrive. That campaign generated a huge response. We need more public interest movements like that. Celebs should also come and join these types of movements, after all they are the reason this false advertisements are so popular at first place.

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