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Is this the reason why Indian brides are also known as ‘Griha-Lakshmi’!

You know a wedding’s big when it doesn’t just break the bank — it sways global markets. There are up to 20 million weddings a year in India, and while no two relationships are the same, all will have one thing in common.
Gold — and lots of it. So much of the precious metal in fact, that it can influence the price of gold around the world. Yes we are now joking, these bride pictures tells us their love for the precious metal. We think, the term ‘Griha-Lakshmi’ probably first coined on a big fat Indian wedding day.

Indian brides take jewelery to an extravagant new level, dripping in spectacular hair accessories, nose rings, earrings, necklaces and amulets — “sometimes to the point where you’ll see more gold than their face.

Do look at these pictures and judge whether it’s a celebration of two couple bondings or an advertisement for a Gold manufacturing company.

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India is the second-biggest consumer of gold in the world (slightly behind China), buying anywhere between 800 and 1,000 tons of the luminous metal every year, according to the World Gold Council.



Whether or not you believe love is written in the stars, they still have a huge impact on the number of weddings.


Indian weddings are often so large, that families sometimes start saving decades in advance.


Yes, the amount they spent on gold is enough to take your half life savings!

south indian bridal bangles

Much like the luster of gold itself, it’s a tradition that doesn’t appear to be fading anytime soon

Are we still debating whether India is poor country or not?

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