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Is Sonam Gupta really a Bewafa?

Nowadays only one voice is hurdling the entire nation, i’e notes, 500 rs note, 1000 rs note and ‘Sonam Gupta Bewafa Hai’ (Sonam Gupta is Unfaithful) note. Yes, the girl Sonam Gupta is literally everywhere on Social media.


Is Sonam Gupta really unfaithful?

Some heartbroken lover whom we assume is Sonam Gupta ex-boyfriend wrote on 10 rupee note that his girlfriend ‘Sonam Gupta is Unfaithful’. Even Sonam would have never thought about being famous because of her ex-boyfriend antics.


Though we think she really broke his heart as he again wrote about her, now in new 2000 rupees note.
When others got their hands on the new 2000 rupees note, everyone came forward to support him by sharing the picture on social media.


Seeing this even Sonam replied him on nowadays very popular 100 rupees note. Just not the apology, like her ex-boyfriend would’ve expected, but a strong reply. Look


Heartbreaks are really painful, we understand Sonam and her Ex-lover.

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