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Is Salman Scared Because Of ‘Kabali’?

There’s no denying that Salman Khan starrer ‘Sultan’ is a sure-shot blockbuster at box-office, Bhai’s wrestler turned mma athlete movie so far earned 277.36 crore at indian market and taking it worldwide total to whooping 522 crore. With all said and done, Sultan will end his box-office run at around 290-295 crore domestic and 570-580 crore worldwide. The movie is still expected to earn 300 crore in domestic market but there’s a new movie in town which emerges as a threat for Salman Khan starrer ‘Sultan’ and the movie is none other than Rajnikant starrer ‘Kabali’.

Seeing the response of ‘Kabali’ experts now predict that ‘Sultan’ may not reach 300 crore mark at domestic box office and maybe Rajnikant movie ‘Kabali’ will also take the highest grosser of the year tag from ‘Sultan’. Rajnikant starrer ‘Kabali’ on his very first day earned whooping 120 crore worldwide which is more than the first day business of Sultan. The trade experts have predict that the Rajinikanth-starrer would become the biggest opener in overseas and it is likely to beat the records of Bollywood films like “Dilwale” ($3.4 million), “Dhoom 3” ($3.3 million) and “Sultan” ($3.04 million).

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To boostup the sales of ‘Sultan’, YRF has launched a new Sultan Family Weekend Plan, where you’ll get four tickets in the price of two, Though it’s good for the audience but it also raises some questions as why all of a sudden ‘Sultan’ team come up with the new offers to attracts viewers when the movie already a success for the makers. Remember that ‘Sultan’ is the same movie whose tickets price were sold all time high at rupees 1500 for single moviegoer at the time of it’s release. Experts believes that move is only done by makers to earn some more money to go past 300 cr in domestic markets, ‘Sultan’ has loses most of its shows from South after the release of ‘Kabali’ and now ‘Sultan’ is mostly relieved on ‘North Indian audience to go past 300 crore.
The hype surrounding Kabali is great, but not comparable to Robot. But still, the film is likely to score well in the Hindi belt. Rajinikanth plays the titular role in “Kabali,” a gangster, and husband to Radhika Apte’s Kumudhavalli. Set in Malaysia, the story focuses on Kabali’s rise to the top and how he becomes the all-pervading messiah of the masses.

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