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Is It Wrong To Kiss Your Child On Lips, Victoria Beckham Has The Answer!

Victoria Beckham caught on a controversy for kissing her 5 year old daughter ‘Harper’ on the lips why? Because its Internet and every topic is worth to debate. Victoria Beckham celebrated the fifth birthday of her daughter, Harper, on Sunday with a sweet message — “Happy Birthday baby girl. We all love you so much X kisses from mummy X” — and in photo Victoria has seen kissing Harper on lips.

So what happens next is Supermodel Insta account has floundered with more than thousands of comments with everyone giving their precious thoughts about the topic, while most are in favour of ‘Victoria’s motherly love’ but  you can’t have a comment sections without some haters too. One such Instagram user wrote- It’s nice but you are not supposed to kiss your daughter on the lips.  Other comment- “Eww sorry I’m old fashioned it looks like they making out.”

This photo creates so much controversy that even BBC News used their resources and platform to consult a social etiquette expert, because why not, right?  Liz Brewer, who had this to say: “Normally with a member of your family you don’t kiss on the lips unless it’s your husband…I would be uncomfortable doing that and I think most people would be. If she feels it’s appropriate, so be it. I wouldn’t say it sets a particularly good example.” Since then, the fashion designer’s comment section has been flooded with moms coming to her defense, with one commenter writing, “The fact that so many people sexualize a photo of a mother with her child is so disgusting. This is a beautiful photo and there is absolutely nothing wrong with it.”

And much like ‘Selfie with Daughter’ the Instagram moms starts a new trend ‘Kisses with Kids’ where mom’s uploading pictures of them kissing their children, It’s internet after all.

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